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Plate Making Equipment

MAC offers a variety of Pasters, from Cotton Belt to Steel Belt to FOP, along with vacuum or mechanical Feeders, Parters and Dividers. From cast to continuous, antimony to pure lead, we have the right equipment for your needs.

OptaMAC X540 Cotton Belt Paster

Data Sheet

Product Capabilities
  • Capacity:  Up to 250,000 high-quality plates per 8-hour shift

  • Plate width (lugs excluded): From 152 to 381 mm (6 to 15 inches)

  • Plate height: 102 to 177 mm (4.0 to 7 inches)

  • Grid thickness: 0.9 to 5.0 mm (0.035-0.197 inch)

Dependable gravity cast grid pasting, ranging from 40 to 540 automotive-size plates per minute.

  • Upgraded model over the 170 and 250 series MAC cotton belt pasters

  • Processes grids ranging in thickness from 0.9 to 5.0 mm (.035 to .197 inches)

  • One motor powers both the belt and hopper with various fixed speed ratios

  • Works with any of MAC’s feeders: optaMAC Feeder, optaMAC Parting Feeder, MACvac Feeder or MACvac Parting Feeder

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