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MAC offers the Tiegel line of Dry Charge Smart Dryers, WashMax water filtration, Group Burning - LO, JO, WO, Assembly Equipment such as Side Terminal Welders and Thru-the-Partition (TTP) Welders. 

Wash Maxi II Model 94 Washer-Dryer
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Product Capabilities

Wash Maxi II Benefits at a Glance

  • Superior end product. Batteries come out acid-free, clean and dry.

  • Improved productivity. The Wash Maxi II automatically washes and dries 4,000-5,000 batteries per 8 hours.

  • User friendly. Automatic start-up and shutdown to standby make running the Wash Maxi II a cinch and save money on electricity.

  • Environmentally friendly. Minimal waste water is generated-just 2 gallons (7 liters) per 8 hours.

  • Cost savings. The Wash Maxi II removes acid without being neutralized with soap.

What's New

  • Improved end-product appearance. Four multi-directional soft cloth floppy brushes clean the top and all sides of the batteries without marring the finish. Warm water removes all traces of dirt and grease.

  • Enhanced machine reliability. Digital display pH metering control ensures consistent machine operation.

  • Easier maintenance. All wetted surfaces are made of corrosion-proof Type 316 L stainless steel.

  • Automatic conveyor belt tracking.

  • Conveyor belt tracking is automatic due to improved v-belt design.

Environmentally Friendly Operation

The Tiegel Wash Maxi II Model 94 Washer-Dryer will rinse, wash and dry 4,000-5,000 batteries per eight hours using just 20-50 gallons (190 liters) of water. This is being filtered through a 2 micron filter and can be utilized for acid cutting. In addition, substantial amounts of soap are saved since soap is not required to neutralize the acid. This machine is divided into three sections: the pre-wash rinse section, the main wash section and the drying section. Each of these is a fully automatic, micro-processor controlled function. All you need is soap, fresh water, and caustic (sodium hydroxide) and your dirty batteries. Our machine does the rest.

Three Sections of Machine
  1. Pre-wash Rinse

The Pre-wash Rinse Stations remove over 99% of the battery acid. Since the rinse water is highly filtered, the flow has the ability to be used for cutting acid. Because of the small quantity, de-ionized water can be considered, thus recycling 99% of the recovered acid. A sump pump below the rinse section intermittently feeds the acidified water to your acid cutting station.

  1. Main Wash

In the Main Wash Section, the water is kept crystal clear, salt-free and acid-free by the use of a cartridge particulate filter and Acid Sponge Resin bed. This unique system allows any soap required to be chosen for its cleansing properties rather than for neutralization of the acid. The water is heated to 80-100° F (26-43° C) to assure optimum grease removal and is controlled by a thermostat. By containing the water evaporation, we substantially reduce the energy required to heat the water. Four soft cloth brushes remove any insoluble dirt on all sides of the battery including the front and end panels. A pH meter controls the acidity of the rinse and wash water, and indicates when it is time to regenerate the acid sponge resin. If the pH drops below the pre-set level, the machine will warn the operator, who then has approximately 8 hours before the acidity of the wash water becomes excessive for normal operations. The machine will shut down if the pH drops too low for safe operation. Regeneration of the acid-sponge resin bed is fully automatic, and takes approximately 1-1/2 hours. Less than 1/2 gallon of 50% caustic is used per regeneration cycle. If a 24-hour operation is required, we can offer an automatic regeneration, Option B, which requires no shut-down.

  1. Drying

The final section of the machine is the Drying Section which consists of three high pressure blow-off stations. These stations are highly effective in removing over 99% of the remaining water droplets on typical automotive battery types with clear surfaces. The drying nozzles are adjustable, both in position and flow rate, to obtain optimum drying conditions. Since the wash water is salt and dirt free, no water spots can form on the batteries.

Improved End-Product Appearance

Since end product quality is the real issue, we have designed our battery washer to eliminate the problem areas. Our washer produces squeaky clean batteries with no salt spots or wipe down required. In the field, this washer produces batteries that are so clean that one of our customers is placing them into a 1000 volt DC cabinet with no arcing problems.

Operational Features

  1. Acid-Free, Clean, Dry Batteries

The Tiegel Battery Washer-Dryer Model 94 has been designed to wash and dry batteries in the most efficient way possible. Two pre-wash rinse stations strip 99% of the acid from the batteries, producing a flow of .1 GPM (.38 LPM) containing up to 5% acid. This water is then passed through an acid-proof polyester cartridge filter which removes any impurities down to 2 microns, and allows unregulated disposal into your electrolyte cutting operation.

The remaining 1% of the acid is removed in the wash area, where the wash water is again filtered before being recycled through our unique Acid Sponge (ion exchange resin) bed. Regeneration of the resin bed is required after approximately 80 hours of operation and is initiated by a signal from a pH controller. Once begun, this process is 100% automatic. Four multi-directional soft cloth floppy brushes gently remove all dirt and grease from the top and four sides of the batteries (especially front and rear panels). The dry section contains three high pressure blow-off stations which effectively strip all water from the surface of the battery. No set-up is required for different battery types. A top blow-off station accommodates all battery heights. Because of our digital pH meter control, we have eliminated the chance of any battery leaving the washer with acid contamination.

  1. Automatic, Easy Maintenance Conveyor Belt

Incoming conveyor speed is 8 - 12 feet per minute (2.5 - 3.7 meters/minute); batteries are automatically spaced with a built-in differential conveyor belt speed, allowing a thorough washing and drying of all battery surfaces. We use a high quality PVC sticky top belt to prevent battery slippage and tracking is automatic due to our unique v-belt design. In addition, we have close-coupled our conveyor drive, eliminating high maintenance drive belts and external drive chains.

  1. Energy Conscious, Safer Operation

Our washer is self-contained, using only 12.5kW. Since the operation is all electrical; we have eliminated the problems normally associated with combustion systems, such as flame safety issues and exhaust ventilation requirements, since no carbon monoxide is present. Additionally, a digital display thermostat control provides quick and easy wash water temperature adjustment with built-in safety interlocks to prevent the thermal run-away.

The machine is programmed for automatic start-up and shuts down automatically to stand by when the last battery has left the machine. This feature saves 10.2 kW per hour in stand-by mode while keeping the water hot for immediate start-up.

Maintenance Made Easy

Our battery washer is constructed of all corrosion-proof materials including a type 316L stainless steel frame and enclosure, and PVC plumbing. All filters are cartridge type and can be replaced in under five minutes. The Acid Sponge resin bed has been designed to facilitate maintenance and is readily accessible. Accessibility is readily available from top to bottom. The Washer's top cover is readily removable, allowing easy access into the machine. Similarly, all major components may be removed for servicing while the machine is still in operation. For this, ball valves and unions have been provided.



Electrical: 12.5kW

Water: .1 GPM


205" x 50" x 72" high

3800 lbs. net wt.

4200 lbs. gross wt.



Electrical: 12.5kW

Water: .38 LPM


5.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m high

1724 kilograms net wt.

1905 kilograms gross wt.

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