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MAC offers the Tiegel line of Dry Charge Smart Dryers, WashMax water filtration, Group Burning - LO, JO, WO, Assembly Equipment such as Side Terminal Welders and Thru-the-Partition (TTP) Welders. 

Automotive Automatic Assembly Line
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Product Capabilities

Automotive Automatic Assembly Line

The Tiegel ·Automatic Battery Assembly Line

Give your customers the full benefit of the active materials in your battery, through

substantially less resistance in the weld, while reducing your manufacturing costs

through the use of Tiegel Automatic Extrusion-Fusion Line. By using less lead in the

small parts, and no epoxy because of the heat sealing, your material costs can also be

dramatically reduced, leading to increased profits.

One of the features of this line is that it has been planned using our extrusion-

fusion weld connection process, which has the following benefits:

• A double seal on every intercell wall.

• No interlocking parts have to be cast.

• A minimum of intercell post line-up

Out automatic line is quickly and easily integrated into your existing manufacturing

process, whether you use Group Burning or Cast-On systems. The following

functions are performed as the battery progresses through the line:

1. Case Punching

2. Group Dropping

3. Intercell Welding

4. Weld and short circuit checks

5. Cover placement

6. Cover heat sealing

7. Terminal building

8. Leak detection

9. Code date stamping

10. Acid filling

Our master planned layout will make the most effective use of your assembly space

while producing over four batteries per minute with improved quality and reliability.

The line is fully automatic, requiring only minimal operators for observation. Labor is

substantially reduced-typically, three operators will produce between 980 and 2880

batteries per eight-hour shift-which can cut your direct labor costs dramatically.

This line is versatile as well, with added benefits in quick change-over time between

battery types-less than 5 minutes per machine.

Low maintenance, durable construction, and reliability make our equipment the

leader throughout the world. We welcome your inquiries concerning the special

production requirements for your company.

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