MAC offers a variety of Pasters, from Cotton Belt to Steel Belt to FOP, along with vacuum or mechanical Feeders, Parters and Dividers. From cast to continuous, antimony to pure lead, we have the right equipment for your needs.

Plate Making Equipment

Southern Weaving Cotton Pasting Belts
Southern Weaving

Southern Weaving Company has been the global leader in the battery pasting-belt industry for over 30 years. We manufacture numerous styles of belts used during the plate-pasting process when manufacturing batteries. Primarily this industry targets automotive batteries but also manufactures batteries for industrial and recreational applications. We offer 6-ply belts in widths of 13” – 16”. We sell a finished, woven-endless belt, and we will customize the length of the belt to meet your requirements. We guarantee precise uniform belt thickness, a uniform splice and uniform performance with all belts through 100-percent inspection during the manufacturing process and again prior to shipping.We stock most standard sizes and in most cases can ship immediately.


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