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MAC offers the most comprehensive line of equipment the industry has to offer for your industrial sized grids. Our industrial catalog includes Feeders, Pasters, Flash Dry Ovens, Stackers, COS, Heat Sealers, and more, all specially designed to handle industrial sized grids.

Industrial supraMAC Flash Dry Oven
Product Capabilities

Data Sheet

Gas or electric heat for efficient and consistent industrial plate drying performance.

  • Output range of 0.037-1.5 million BTU/hour 
    (9,320-378,000 Cal/hr) for gas and 0-1.6 million BTU/hour (0-403,000 Cal/hr) for electric

  • Very efficient, 100% convection drying through top and bottom airflow nozzles and 6 inches (152 mm) of insulation on all walls make for incredible cost savings

  • 15,000 CFM (7.1 m3/sec) blower dries top and bottom surfaces through the full length of the oven

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