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MAC offers the most comprehensive line of equipment the industry has to offer for your industrial sized grids. Our industrial catalog includes Feeders, Pasters, Flash Dry Ovens, Stackers, COS, Heat Sealers, and more, all specially designed to handle industrial sized grids.

Industrial Stacker
Product Capabilities

Data Sheet

The efficient way to stack and brush industrial sized plates after flash-drying.

  • Stack up to 100 panels per minute

  • Makes stacks 26-102 mm (1-4 inch) in height

  • Handles plates 152-711 mm (6-28 inch) long, 102-254 mm (4-10 inch) wide, and 2.0-9.5 mm (0.080-0.375 inch) thick

  • Automatic palletizing robot option available

  • Brushes on 4 sides

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