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MAC offers the most comprehensive line of equipment the industry has to offer for your industrial sized grids. Our industrial catalog includes Feeders, Pasters, Flash Dry Ovens, Stackers, COS, Heat Sealers, and more, all specially designed to handle industrial sized grids.

Industrial MACacid Surfacer
Product Capabilities

Data Sheet

  • Plate width (lugs excluded): up to 711mm wide (28 inches)

Produce higher quality plates using acid surfacing for industrial sized plates up to 711mm (28 inches) wide. (automotive sized acid surfacer shown above)

  • Acid surfacing produces higher quality battery plates

  • Can be used with any of MAC's industrial sized pasters and plate drying ovens

  • Made with acid resistant materials

  • Fully automatic - requires no operators

  • Acid resistant oven kits available if converting to acid surfacing

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