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MAC offers multiple high speed stacking solutions to prepare your pasted plates for palletizing. If desired, our stacking solutions include brushing as well as robotic offload and automatic pallet removal.

High Speed Stacker with Stack Aligner Brusher
Product Capabilities

Data Sheet

  • Panel Thickness:  1 to 3 mm (.040 to .125 inches)

  • Panel Height:  76 to 178 mm (3 to 7 inches)

  • Panel Width (without lugs):  152 to 356 mm (6 to 14 inches)

  • Lug Length (std):  11 to 19 mm (.44 to .75 inches)

  • Maximum Stack Height:   81.28 to 102 mm (3.2 to 4 inches)

Reasons Guide

The optimal choice for stacking continuous or gravity cast plates with 4-sided brushing.

  • Designed to quickly, gently, and precisely stack plates from the flash drying oven for curing

  • Stack parted panels or single plates

  • Rotary Brushing using two Sumitomo 2hp motors, running at approx 1450 rpm for the non-lug stack sides and vertical brushing of the sides with lugs

  • Robotic palletizing and automatic rack handling system options available for further reductions in labor

  • Robot and Rack Handling Systems

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