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Plate Making Equipment

MAC offers a variety of Pasters, from Cotton Belt to Steel Belt to FOP, along with vacuum or mechanical Feeders, Parters and Dividers. From cast to continuous, antimony to pure lead, we have the right equipment for your needs.

Flash Dry Ovens

MAC’s automotive Flash Dry Ovens will properly and uniformly dry your pasted plates while conserving energy. We offer multiple heated section lengths and can design any length Oven to fit your product needs as well as plant layout.


MAC offers multiple high speed stacking solutions to prepare your pasted plates for palletizing. If desired, our stacking solutions include brushing as well as robotic offload and automatic pallet removal.

Curing Chambers
Tiegel Equipment

MAC offers the Tiegel line of Dry Charge Smart Dryers, WashMax water filtration, Group Burning - LO, JO, WO, Assembly Equipment such as Side Terminal welders and Thru-the-Partition (TTP) Welders. 


MAC is proud to offer high quality and efficient curing chambers. Our curing chambers are custom sized with various options for all of your hydroset needs.

Preparation and Handling

The MAC catalog includes multiple options to prepare your pasted plates for battery assembly. From panel parters to manual brushing stations, as well as automatic options, MAC has a machine to meet your plate preparation needs.

Cast on Strap (C.O.S.)

MAC offers many different COS types to handle automotive, truck, AGM, and large industrial batteries. We offer In-Line, Rotary, Compression, Loading and Unloading, and many options to fit whatever you require from manual to automation processes.

When the time comes to assemble your plates into batteries, MAC is there to help. From acid fillers to engravers, and everything in between, MAC machines are designed to assemble your batteries accurately and efficiently.


MAC offers the most comprehensive line of equipment the industry has to offer for your industrial sized grids. Our industrial catalog includes Feeders, Pasters, Flash Dry Ovens, Stackers, COS, Heat Sealers, and more, all specially designed to handle industrial sized grids.

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